Men's E-Commerce Is Crowding Up, Fast

fine and dandy 911

Thanks to Fine and Dandy, your man can look like this (bike not included).

fine and dandy 911

Thanks to Fine and Dandy, your man can look like this (bike not included).

Besides the numerous flash sale sites catering to the male audience, Gilt recently launched its full-price, curated luxury site for men, cheekily titled Park & Bond in partnership with GQ. Then we heard word that Esquire and JCPenney are teaming up to launch a competitor as well.

This new focus on men is not surprising: even though women make up a sizable portion of internet shoppers, various retailers have began targeting men way before engagement rings became shopable on a mobile phone.

But a smaller, tailored e-commerce site for men is getting buzz and for good reason. The site doesn’t hide its narrow demographic: the store name, Fine and Dandy, appeals to the targeted customer who “doesn’t believe in Casual Friday.” Featuring yesteryear-style pocket squares, cufflinks, suspenders, tie bars, socks, and other distinguishing accessories, the site also offers a personal style consultation for everything from proper groomsmen attire to classic interview styling. Not in NYC? No problem. They also provide their services over Skype.

In addition, the quirky site offers something we’ve never seen a retailer provide: emergency clothing delivery. The new same-day delivery service known as Dandy 911 guarantees every vintage aficionado will always look his best, lunch stains be damned.

If you’re in the Manhattan area (preferably from 14th to 89th Street), you can order a new necktie and owner Matt Fox will personally deliver the goods on his blue Schwinn in a few hours. The service is free for orders over $49 or $5 extra otherwise, which seems fairly cheap. Anyone who has had the displeasure of getting an ill-placed stain right before an important date or meeting would definitely pay more to avoid public humiliation.

Would you use this service for your man to send a little sartorial hint? Do you think he’d ever shop online himself?

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