Luxemi: A 'Rent the Runway' for Indian Women


Luxemi offers sarees and salwars to purchase or borrow.

Hey, if there are rental sites for baby clothes, why not an online service for specific, traditional garb?  With over 4200 membership sign-ups in the month since its launch, Luxemi hit the ground running.  The site offers a Rent the Runway-style service marketed to Indian-Americans, providing a range of sarees and salwars for either four- or ten-day rental periods.  Luxemi also offers the requisite accessories (unlike Rent the Runway, which just recently added a jewelry section).  And the site’s users receive a $20 credit for any friends they refer who place an order.

Though one needs to sign up — which is free — to use the site at all, Luxemi also runs regular e-commerce.  Many of items show both rental and purchase prices (it’s generally around $70-$100 more to buy a garment than to borrow one).  On their own, saree blouses are available for purchase only, but a saree rental includes two different sizes of blouses in order to ensure a correct fit.  They also come with the requisite bindis, safety pins, and a saree bag to keep.

With their high sign-up rate and niche appeal, will Luxemi inspire cultural copycats?  Besides letting shoppers and renters browse by price, color, and garment, the site’s utility really shines through when searching by event — these range from “cocktail party” to “ladies lunch” to “sangeet” (a celebration typically held a few days before a wedding).  Though we admire Rent the Runway’s stylish sensibility, that’s a level of specificity it doesn’t offer.

Take a tour of Luxemi’s offerings

Take a Tour of Luxemi

8 Responses to “Luxemi: A 'Rent the Runway' for Indian Women”

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