It'll Take 3D to Make Mobile Ads Fun – And Ubiquitous

3D mobile ads

Advertising in the form of interactive 3D is quite a step up from its occasionally ineffective, often annoying banner ad counterpart.  And since you can’t, say, shake a computer to interact with an on-screen image, mobile advertising has a unique advantage where it stands to benefit from 3D technology.

One of Cooliris’ initial 3D mobile ads, for Samsung.

So, some companies are working on ads that let viewers dive in the way they would with editorial content.  Mobile ad agency Amobee and progressive developer Cooliris are collaborating on 3D displays that rotate for users as they tilt their mobile devices, as well as let those viewers tap in-ad products to interact with and spin them, or view the items from multiple angles.  Sounds fun, right?

Ads in this form also represent possible big money — at least a few years down the line.  Investment and private equity firm BIA/Kelsey expects mobile ads to grow from being a $491 million industry in 2009 to a potential $2.9 billion in 2014.  Additionally, as the tablet market grows, so will the advertising industry that goes along with it.  And beyond providing increased amusement, or what Amobee’s CEO Trevor Healy called “interactive visual artwork,” mobile ads in 3D stand a much better chance than most of immersing and educating their viewers — which is ultimately the ticket for their catching up to regular online advertising.

3 Responses to “It'll Take 3D to Make Mobile Ads Fun – And Ubiquitous”

  1. Glenn Highcove

    I could see this being more useful for direct-sales sites or possibly clothing retailers or auto sales. Not sure that branding folks really need this though.

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