How David Lauren Is Turning Ralph Lauren Digital

Ralph Lauren Magazine

David Lauren helped pioneer his father’s company’s entry into original editorial content back in 2007.

Ralph Lauren has handed the digital reins for his $13 billion company over to his son, David Lauren.  As executive vice president, the younger Lauren has subsequently embarked on a number of unique initiatives to keep the brand’s online presence as fresh as possible, while presenting media and other branded content that still fits Ralph Lauren’s heritage- and Americana-based image.  In many instances, the resulting numbers from Lauren’s projects speak for themselves.  Let’s take a look at what he’s got going on:

  • Though Ralph Lauren Media was officially founded by Ralph Lauren himself, he refers to the division of the company as David Lauren’s “baby.”  In 2007 (which we’d argue is well ahead of the current branded content trend) the company created Ralph Lauren Magazine, offering original articles and video features online.
  • Lauren produced an online-only fashion show for Ralph Lauren’s Rugby brand in 2009.  In a first for the company, the show allowed viewers to shop the looks immediately.
  • In another first, the company introduced interactive, shoppable windows in their New York stores in 2006 (this endeavor was inspired by David Lauren’s viewing of the science fiction film Minority Report).
  • RL Gang, an online illustrated children’s storybook featuring video footage of kids in Ralph Lauren (which can be purchased during the viewing) resulted in a 300% rise in children’s clothing sales.
  • To celebrate their launch of ecommerce in the UK, Lauren staged an outdoor 4-D light show (well, the fourth dimension was scent).  Footage of the event posted in various locations online was viewed over 700 million times.

A view of Lauren’s light show celebrating the company’s ecommerce launch in the UK.

Ralph Lauren gives his son a ton of credit for setting up this multitude of interactive initiatives and online content.  According to his extensive profile in Fast Company, Lauren has ideas to burn — we’re looking forward to seeing what he gets the go-ahead for next.

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  1. anne keane

    Love the content that is served up on the online magazine – a healthy mix of photography and video, and of course, it’s all styled perfectly. I like that they have selected specific lines to push the envelope – it will be interesting to see how they can make each line feel unique but connect the greater brand together with the upcoming initiatives.


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