Gucci Launches Magazine-Style App

Gucci Style app

Today, Gucci launched Gucci Style for the iPhone and iPad.   The slick new app definitely deserves credit for ratcheting up branded content.

Among many other features, Gucci’s new app provides interviews with spokespeople, like the equestrienne Edwina Alexander.

The app, which looks a lot more like a fashion magazine than a computer program, offers an all-encompassing experience for the luxury brand’s enthusiasts, whether they’re using Gucci Style to shop, travel through Italy, learn about the label, or merely entertain themselves.  Let’s look at the rundown:

  • First off, Gucci knows its global customer base.  The app is available in eight languages, among them German, Korean, and Japanese.
  • And of course, an eight-language app would offer travel advice.  A mini-guide gives recommendation on where to eat and stay, in locations relevant to the brand’s history, like Milan and Portofino.
  • The travel guide also advises what to pack, showing off the label’s recommended items in a 360-degree feature.
  • Editorial content provides behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of Gucci.  There are interviews with the brand’s spokespeople, a tour of head designer Frida Giannini’s vinyl collection (she owns over 8,000 records), and features that show how artisans create some of Gucci’s most iconic items.
  • A real-time component shows Gucci’s Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr feeds.

Most importantly, there’s e-commerce.  After all, though this app is fun, informative, and appealing, ultimately, what’s the point of all the bells and whistles if users can’t, well, shop the brand?

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