Gap's Newest Crop of Models Are Their Employees

Crews for Gap video

Gap has culled a new group of models for a series of short videos they’re releasing this week — and the faces come from the company’s design studios and officesLike Zappos and J. Crew before them, the brand is coupling advertising with a glimpse inside their own operation.  Videos featuring employees like Masako Konishi, who works with women’s denim, and Rob Crews, a wash specialist, will focus on certain Gap items while showing short bios of the employees themselves.

Gap’s wash specialist, Rob Crews, offers denim care tips in a new video ad for the brand.  Image courtesy of Courtesy Photo.

In Crews’ video, the specialist will give advice on caring for denim (he suggests freezing one’s jeans to kill germs — no, really — and to avoid having to wash them, which depletes the dye).

Is this the start of a trend?  When J. Crew featured employees as models, one of the keys to the men’s campaign was a series of interviews with male staffers — who were also asked how they got their own denim so perfectly worn in.  (Oh, and their answers were basically the same — don’t wash the jeans.)

No matter one’s stance on dirty denim, we’re looking forward to seeing the employee video spots, which are revealed this week on Cool Hunting and Refinery29.  Even more, we wonder which brands will create this kind of content next.  Seth Farbman, Gap’s global chief marketing officer, told WWD: “Increasingly, people want to know the stories behind the products — who’s designing it, where it comes from.”  If he’s right, who else do you think will jump on the employee-focused advertising bandwagon?  Whose staffers would you most like to “meet” next?

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