Don't Get Lost at Fashion's Night Out – There's An App For That

Vogue FNO London app

A new iPhone app for Fashion’s Night Out in London maps stores and events and lets users tweet and Facebook update their routes.

Well, there’s an app for the event in London, anyway.  Condé Nast UK just launched a free iPhone app, Vogue FNO London, to help shoppers navigate this year’s event on September 8th.  Beyond highlighting participating stores, their events, and their location on a city map, the app functions as an organizational tool, letting users create custom lists of places to visit throughout the night.

And, of course, what’s the use of all that organization if it doesn’t help users find their friends?  Sharing one’s route, through Facebook, Twitter, or text, is built into the app, along with a separate Twitter feed that will provide live updates on the event as it’s happening.

Though participating cities around the world have yet to catch up, New Yorkers don’t need to fret.  There’s a Fashion’s Night Out app for them, too.  This one differs slightly from its British counterpart in that it’s a little more e-commerce focused, offering the FNO collection on its home screen.  It also lets users search events by start time, which should be handy for beating the lines at some of the more hyped parties.

Londoners and New Yorkers: would you use this app to navigate the evening?  We think it sounds useful — after all, if there are apps for making it through malls and department stores, a device for navigating a city’s worth of events and shopping seems pretty logical.

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