Banana Republic Uses Facebook As Mad Men Presale Venue

Banana Republic Mad Men line

Banana Republic is killing a few different birds with one stone via their upcoming Mad Men-inspired men’s and women’s clothing collections.  The line will go on sale a day early, on August 10 — but only via the retailer’s Facebook page.  Do you have to “like” the brand to access the clothes?  Of course.  And will this help generate a little advance buzz (along with those new FB fans) before the line is in their stores?  Most likely.

The brand’s Facebook page is also where you can preview a video of the collection and see the show’s costume designer, Jamie Bryant, at work.  Besides anticipating checking out the clothes themselves, we’d like to see the different sales numbers the line generates via its various venues.  Where would you rather shop this collection?  In a store, or a day early, when you’re (presumably) perusing Facebook already, anyway?

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