Aussie Fashion Week Diversifies With Pregnant Models

Miranda Kerr pregnant Vogue cover

Forget “curvy.”  Melbourne Fashion Week is planning to diversify its runway this September with four pregnant models. The women will be chosen via a series of open calls, though the agency Chadwick Models said it would also be signing one of the winners for a permanent contract.  Call it the Miranda Kerr effect?

The decision to include visibly pregnant models is more than just a publicity stunt (though in all fairness, we bet it’s pretty effective as such.)  Instead, the event’s organizers view the inclusion as a way to make Fashion Week more accessible to a broader range of Australians, and to that end, they’re also holding open auditions for both men and women who represent a range of body types.

Ultimately, the hope is that sending a wider range of models, including pregnant ones, down the runway will help spark the country’s flagging retail sales.  While it’s hard to imagine this trick will send a bunch of pregnant women out to buy non-maternity wear, the diversification should help generate more interest in the shows — and a bigger fashion audience could certainly lead to better clothing sales.

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