Zappos' New Ads Invite You To Dress Nude Models

Zappos nude ad

Zappos has a fresh take on the idea of nude modeling, the New York Times reports.  The new Zappos ads show models wearing nothing while doing somewhat unrealistic in-the-buff activities, like playing Frisbee or riding a Vespa, but the retailer doesn’t intend for these women to stay naked. Each ad features a QR code that leads to video advertising and a mobile site that lets you “dress” the models.  And so begins a new shopping journey.

She may be in the buff now, but Zappos wants you to help this model get dressed.

Of course, the mobile platform for dressing the models is also a vehicle for mobile commerce, letting shoppers buy the outfits’ components.

As far as the models themselves, Zappos features a range of body types — one of the models is five feet tall.  And there’s even going to be a guy, though his ad, debuting at the end of the month, will take on a slightly different format.  A character named “Arthur” will be featured solely online, inviting viewers to dress him as he leads them to Zappos’ regular web site.

Meanwhile, the print ads featuring women will be launching in August magazines like Lucky and InStyle.  We’re psyched to help the models “get dressed.”

7 Responses to “Zappos' New Ads Invite You To Dress Nude Models”

  1. Imran

    This ad campaign is entirely offensive. It promotes demeaning attitudes towards women and is ultimately dehumanizing – the women here aren’t just models, they are literally dolls which the consumer can decorate. And what’s more, there are men in each ad staring at the women – as if the only way a women can be valued is through her body and appearance. There’s a petition out now to stop these ads and prevent even more women and girls from undervaluing themselves:

  2. Jenna

    I love Zappo’s new Ad campaign! Something different. Im loving the mobile app, how it’s interactive. Can’t wait to see the print Ads!

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