Would You Get a Haircut At a Car Dealership?

GMC car dealership cafe

Some domestic car dealerships are betting on diversifying, and in pretty unexpected ways.  While the Detroit News reports that area dealerships are generally trying to update their showrooms and spruce up their images, a couple of franchises have gone above and beyond in their offerings.

That’s a cafe in a car dealership.  Image courtesy of the Detroit News.

Our favorite example is the Detroit Cadillac dealership that added a beauty salon.  Rather than intending to separate bored wives from car-obsessed husbands, the idea behind the salon was to let customers waiting for their cars to be serviced simultaneously get a haircut or a manicure.  What do you think?  Would you patronize a salon within a dealership?  It’s funny — yet efficient! — to get a trim and your car’s tires rotated at the same time.

Meanwhile, a Buick/GMC dealer, also in the Detroit area, added a cafe to entice car hunters.  Now, that makes sense to us.  The process of buying a car is lengthy enough — why not be able to go through it with a latte in hand?

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