Weekly High Lows: NBA Star Will Launch Fashion Site

Amar'e Stoudamire


  • Knicks center Amar’e Stoudemire is going to launch a fashion and sports site.  NBA lockout, what?  (NYP)
  • H&M and David Beckham are collaborating on, what else, a line of underwear.  This should be fun.  (Reuters)
  • While the closing of Borders is terribly sad news, there might be a silver lining for independent bookstores.  (High Low)

Look at Stoudemire’s style!  We can’t wait to read his upcoming fashion site.


  • A German lingerie brand is using the Murdoch hacking scandal in its advertising.  It’s a low blow, though the ads are pretty clever.  (The Gloss)
  • The London Sperm Bank will allow users to choose donors based on their sense of style.  No, really.  (GQ UK)
  • Two L’Oréal-owned brands ran ads that were so over-retouched, the UK banned them.  (High Low)

This ad from a Berlin-based lingerie company quickly got in on the joke.

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