Wag.com, Amazon's New Pet Site, To Be Nothing Like Pets.com


People buy everything from groceries to medication online. People also spend a ton of money on their pets. So it seems to follow that a website selling pet supplies would be a smash hit. That’s what the team at Amazon-owned Quidsi, the company behind of Soap.com and Diapers.com, is hoping with the debut of Wag.com. Their new site sells “thousands of pet products – from food, treats and toys to collars, habitats and grooming essentials” for cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles and more. According to Quidsi CEO Marc Lore, “Wag.com is part of the company’s attempt to provide all the essentials its core demographic is looking for.”

Wag.com pet boutiques

Like its sister sites, Wag.com offers shoppers tons of items filtered by easy-to-navigate categories including “green pet” and “wellness.” They’ve got everything you could ever want to buy your pet, from absurdities like a crystal-encrusted dog collar to practical supplies like flea and tick medication.

Already, Wag.com is drawing comparison to its predecessor, Pets.com—a high-profile site that flamed out in 2000. Both sites launched with a focus on selling animal food, toys and more with highly competitive pricing and generous shipping offers. But the Quidsi team insists that they won’t follow in the footsteps of the dot-com boom’s most notable bust. To make up for the money the site will lose on low-margin products like bags of food and litter, Quidsi co-founder Vinit Bharara told All Things D that, “the strategy is to build a relationship with the customer by getting them to buy everyday stuff and then selling them on the higher-margin stuff” like clothes, toys and health items. It’s a plan that’s already proven successful: Diapers.com reportedly rakes in more than $300 million dollars per year.

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