Versace Deletes Facebook Protest Posts

Versace Facebook page

Because the process of sandblasting denim is dangerous to the point that it’s killed workers in Turkey and Bangladesh, the organization hosted a protest on the Facebook page of a brand that happens to sell the denim style — Versace.  The Italian luxury label’s response?  They removed the protesting posts and adjusted their Facebook privacy settings such that ‘fans’ can no longer post to the brand’s wall.

Though the public can no longer publish posts freely on Versace’s Facebook page, they can still comment on the brand’s posts.

There are no pending lawsuits against Versace regarding the sandblasting process, and the label’s Director of Communications, Patrick McGregor, has said that the company’s denim is made in Italy according to the country’s safety regulations.  And so it seems the protest was preemptive, or at least, meant to draw attention to sandblasting’s risks by protesting a particular, major brand to garner increased attention.  But no matter the protesters’ motives for specifically targeting Versace, what do you make of the label’s reaction to being called out? Was it offensive to remove the posts, or merely self-protective?

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