Tiffany's Microsite Is All About Love (& Diamonds)


What comes before the engagement ring? It’s a subject that iconic jeweler Tiffany & Co. is exploring with a new microsite and app named What Makes Love True. The site features audio slideshows of couples talking about how they fell in love (and then how they inevitably found their way to a Tiffany store), a short film directed by Ed Burns, recommendations for couple-friendly New York city destinations and an interactive/social element called “Love is Everywhere” that is basically a Google map that users can tag with their favorite romantic spots.

To help spread word about the site, Tiffany has enlisted the help of style bloggers from Stylelist’s network like Karla of Karla’s Closet, Lindsey of Saucy Glossie, Christine of My Style Pill, Aimee of Song of Style and more. Tiffany has also integrated the site with its e-commerce boutique so that shoppers can easily click to be inspired by all of the lovey-dovey content.

It is hard to tell what the point of What Makes Love True is, exactly. As Lauren Indvik of Mashable blogged, “Although the multimedia content is top-notch, we were mostly disappointed with the site and app overall…[T]he content shouldn’t be housed on an independent microsite or on a closed-off app — not when the same content could live on Tumblr or Facebook and enjoy a much broader, longer-living reach as a result.” The site is well designed and well produced, but seems more like a glossy, multi-layered advertisement than anything else. And perhaps that was Tiffany’s plan.