The Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Fans (and Keep Them)

Lucky Brand Facebook fans new lead image

Charlie Cole knows how to attract a crowd. As the VP of Online Media at Lucky Brand, he’s overseen a wave of growth on the brand’s Facebook page, hitting over 261,000 fans to date. He offered up his top 5 tips for winning fans on your branded Facebook page.

1.  Give your fans something unique. “The mistake many people make on Facebook is regurgitating the stuff that’s already on their website. We want to give people unique reasons to visit us. So we offer ‘sneak peaks,’ like a recent exclusive look at Lucky’s new denim fits, and sweepstakes, like a Facebook-only giveaway of Fashion Week tickets. We also provide access to things that are unique to Facebook like a recent interview with Lucky Brand Web Photographer Matt Beard.”

2.  Offer Facebook-specific promotions. “The ultimate ‘Thank You’ for every Facebook fan is special discounts and deals. These are essentially like a loyalty card – it’s a way to tell your fans‘I’m interested in you too, so I’m going to give you something special.’ This is a balancing act – you don’t want to make Facebook into a bastion of promotions. But remember that the majority of people sign up [for a brand] on FB to get access to exclusive deals. It’s also important to balance the promotional nature of your FB wall with the brand nature – they both have an essential part to play. You can’t just use FB as a revenue generator and post constant sales.”

3.  Test the advantages of Facebook advertising. “You can do such specific and cool things in FB ads to attract followers, and for just pennies on the dollar. You can target ads specifically at people who say they’re interested in fashion and are already fans of J. Crew or Anthropologie.You can get as specific as you want, and attract the people you want, perhaps more effectively than anywhere else online.”

4.  Always have fresh content. “We want to put our most current content up on our FB wall – we want it to function as an extension of our website and we give it a creative refresh as often as possible. Fresh content can be as simple as posting a video clip. You want it to be dynamic and exclusive, but also you need to keep it from getting tired. The goal is to attract repeat visitors, and keep them engaged.”

5.  Mind your data.“Track analytics like crazy to see what’s working and what isn’t. We track how many people were on the wall each day, how many new visitors we’ve had, how effective two wall posts a day are versus three, and more. It’s important to keep an eye on what your fans are responding to.”

Disclosure: Lucky Brand is owned by Liz Claiborne Inc., the sponsor of this site.