Rent the Runway Reaching For New Fashion Heights

Lucy Sykes Rellie

Rent the Runway, the service that lets women rent dresses and jewelry rather than buy them, is about to take a very fashionable turn.  Lucy Sykes Rellie, the former Fashion Director of Marie Claire and a designer herself, has joined the company as its new Fashion Director.

Lucy Sykes Rellie, Rent the Runway’s new Fashion Director.

Rellie’s first act in her new role was to recruit young British designers like Issa and Erdem, who are favored by Kate Middleton.  While the move is obviously fashion-forward, we bet it’ll also appeal to, for instance, the prep-school and college-age demographics that make up almost 25% of Rent the Runway’s customer base.  Hey, those girls read the tabloids, no?  We’ll be interested to see what other double-hitters Rellie brings to the site.

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