NBC's 'Fashion Star' Will Use Buyers For Judges

Fashion Star

When we first learned of NBC’s upcoming reality show, Fashion Star, hosted by Elle Macpherson and featuring hopeful designers competing for a multi-million dollar contract, the conceit sounded, well, exactly like Project Runway.  News of the series took an interesting turn when it was revealed that viewers would be able to buy each week’s winning and losing designs online, the day after each episode aired. And now, in yet another e-commerce angle, the series will also feature bona fide retail buyers among its judging panel.

What a good idea — after all, buyers are already the fashion industry’s ultimate judges.  The round-up for the show so far includes buyers from Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and H&M, representing a nice sampling of high- and fast-fashion viewpoints.

What buyers actually think hasn’t been publicized nearly as frequently as, say, celebrities-turned-fashion-judges — and yet the buyers are the field’s experts.  The competitors on Fashion Star are expected to create ready-to-wear style more so than runway garb.  We’ll gladly tune in to see what the actual experts have to say about designs that are, in fact, meant to be worn.