Kanye West is Definitely Designing Womenswear

Kanye West at Fashion Week

After a few weeks of rumors, the truth is confirmed — Kanye West is indeed designing a women’s clothing collection.  West is working with the British designer Louise Goldin, though when their line will debut is still unknown (the rumor mill has now moved on to point to this September’s New York Fashion Week as the likely time and place).

Kanye West: no longer just a Fashion Week spectator.

We have to admit we’re charmed by the source of the confirmation.  A professor at British fashion school Central St. Martins, Louise Wilson, gave West a ringing endorsement in British Vogue, even as she denied that she herself was working with the rapper.  She later revealed West’s collaboration with Goldin to the Guardian, mentioning that the musician had come to Central St. Martins to source interns for the new label.

So, fashion school interns, a blessing from the industry’s more academic side, and a partnership with a practiced designer.  We’re excited to see Kanye’s launch.  Are you?

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  1. Steuben

    We know Kanye has always had an interest in fashion. It has evolved over the last couple of years, and we wish him luck in the creation of his own design vision.


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