Item-A-Day Luxury Site AHAlife Raises $6 Million


Ever felt bombarded by luxury goods?  What a fun problem!  But seriously, pairing expensive lifestyle items with a curatorial aspect makes sense, which might be why AHAlife, which pitches one luxury product per day to its subscribers, just raised $6 million in funding.

A sample item from AHAlife — Mason Pearson hairbrushes, the ne plus ultra of haircare.

Beyond an array of inimitable offerings ($75 green tea, a bamboo bicycle), the site distinguishes itself by writing up product back-stories peppered with anecdotal prose.  An adjustable storage stool, for instance, will keep its buyers from winding up like the Collyer brothers (wealthy Manhattan brownstone dwellers who were also terminal hoarders).  Phew!

While the company’s huge influx of funding might initially raise a few eyebrows, the site’s approach is simple, a little quirky, and definitely aesthetically appealing — which helps catch the attention of shoppers who aren’t necessarily in the market for three-digit hairbrushes.  At this point, what AHAlife should be congratulated on is bringing a unique voice to a growing wave of high-priced goods, and places to get them.  Between that approach and the general fact of a booming luxury sector, it’ll be more than interesting to see how the business applies its newly acquired capital.

One Response to “Item-A-Day Luxury Site AHAlife Raises $6 Million”

  1. Steve @ Room Service 360

    Interesting concept, but how effective will the 1-item-per-day platform prove to be? I imagine consumers will prefer to order what they want when they want it, rather than only ordering what a store offers on a certain day.


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