Gilt City Solicits Deal Suggestions Via Facebook Contest

Gilt City Facebook contest

Here’s a way to take the pressure of those beleaguered daily deals sales reps — source potential merchant partnerships through consumers themselves.  At least, that’s what Gilt City is doing, through a clever Facebook contest it’s sponsoring in conjunction with the site’s launch in several new locations around the U.S.

In Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., the upscale daily deals spin-off is asking their Facebook fans to nominate their preferred restaurants, spas, yoga studios, and the like — with the chance to win a free deal at the location should Gilt City decide to feature the business.  It’s a smart way to highlight their debut in the new locales while effectively crowdsourcing well-liked, worthwhile businesses in the areas.  Participants need only name their place and describe what they like about it.

Of course, Gilt’s not leaving out their customer base in cities where they already have a foothold.  The Facebook contest is extended to New York, L.A.., Miami, and all other locations where they already offer daily deals.  What do you make of this contest?  Would you nominate your favorite restaurant or go-to salon?

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