Foursquare's Newest Offering: Daily Deals


Foursquare users have a new reason to check in at local businesses. The social networking app is now seeded with offers from some of the biggest digital coupon companies in the business—LivingSocial, Gilt Groupe, AT&T and more.

An example of coupons within Foursquare. Photo via Mashable.

The partner offers are housed in Foursquare’s relatively-new “Explore” tab and will go up on Foursquare as they go live on partner sites. Foursquare is using its extensive data on each user to tailor the offers. “We now run all Specials through our personalized Explore tab. As a result, you only see Specials that are right for you, and you also see why they’re right for you (for instance, if two of your friends have been there).” they explain on the Foursquare blog. It’s a cool new feature for users—and a new way for Foursquare to generate revenue.