Finally! A Site That Tells You When To Buy New Electronics

Are you one of those unfortunate folk who bought an iPhone 3GS at full price, a month before the 4G came out? (Don’t worry, you’re not alone.) For those getting frustrated with the nonstop deluge of ever-newer technology, there is hope, in the form of a brilliant new site that will guarantee you don’t crush your wallet on gadgets, only to find out the newer, zippier model is being released in a few weeks.

The freshly-launched uses a complex algorithm based on model lines, historical pricing, text-mining, and news about the latest electronics to determine whether or not you should buy a certain laptop, or wait for a new model to come (or for prices to drop).

If that’s not useful information, we don’t know what is. (And we’re not the only ones: in the past year pre-launch, raised $8.5 million from Maveron, Madrona Venture Group, Google founding board member Ram Shriram, former Expedia CEO Erik Blachford, and others, according to the Washington Post).

The site’s blog (at this point not having a blog on your site is like not having a search function) says that a new laptop was released every four hours, a new TV every fifteen hours, and a new camera every couple of days. That’s a heck of a lot of electronics to keep up with.

In addition to letting users know when to buy, the site offers an email alert for when prices drop, or new models come out. Sadly, the service is only available for TVs, laptops, and cameras — but the team said they hope to add phones and tablets later this year.

Are you as excited about this new site as we are? Let us know in the comments!

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