Zegna Launches Online Store in 'Shoppable 3D'

Forget shoppable video: luxury suitmaker Ermenegildo Zegna just one-upped everyone in the techie/e-commerce realm with their newly launched 3D online store and mobile app.  The shop looks like a video game at the outset, but it’s easy to navigate and is peppered with great videos about the brand.  And of course, the products you click are totally shoppable.

Unlike in a regular store — or even with boring old e-commerce — Zegna’s 3D experience displays clothes on shelves, racks, and on models (and they’ve done a handsome job with those CG guys, which makes sense given the store’s designer, none other than Avatar consultant James Lima). There are two “floors” to virtually, smoothly float around, clicking whatever looks good.  There’s even a nice view out the wrap-around windows.

While at this point the online endeavor is mostly intended as a slick way to showcase the luxury brand, we wonder how much trickle-down affect may result from the new bar it sets in online retail technology.  Let’s take a look at the “shop:”

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Zegna's 3D Online Shop

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