Will The Tory Burch Lawsuit Change Counterfeit Culture?

tory burch reva flats

The integrity of your signature Tory Burch Reva flats has been restored.

Lovers of the brand have reason to celebrate: In a groundbreaking move, a federal court in New York awarded the designer $164 million in damages against more than 200 websites selling counterfeit versions of Tory Burch footwear, handbags and accessories.

tory burch reva flats

As The Cut points out, Burch has no practical way of collecting money directly from  counterfeit sites like ToryBurchOutletShop.com that are based in China and operated under false identities, but the brand is able to receive money from third parties that facilitate sales like Paypal. So far, that payout has only been in the six figures, but at least it’s a start.

More importantly, this ruling sets a precedent for online counterfeiters — there are hundreds of them, and they work hard to confuse consumers and pollute the e-commerce world. The award Burch received is one of the largest ever issued in the fashion industry against online counterfeiters. In addition, all 232 knockoff sites and domain names — who literally stole images and product descriptions from the original site — were told to immediately shut down and their URLs handed over to the real Tory Burch, which is a serious move by the courts. Burch said in a press release, “Many people think that buying a fake product is harmless, but counterfeiting is estimated to result in annual losses of over $20 billion dollars to American companies.”

For those of you who are itching for a new Reva flat, the only official sites are www.toryburch.com and its Japanese equivalent, www.toryburch.jp (with plans to launch in China by the end of the year).

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