Weekly High Lows: Versace Opens Its Archives for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga in vintage Versace


  • Donatella Versace opened the Versace archives for Lady Gaga’s new music video, “Edge of Glory.”  (Fashionista)
  • Financially successful women in China have begun to catch up to their male counterparts when it comes to luxury spending.  (WSJ)
  • There are two new ways to validate your shopaholism, sans embarrassment: Want.it and OMG I Just Bought…  (High Low)

Lady Gaga got to dig into the Versace archives for her latest video.


  • An Indian village was renamed Snapdeal.com after the couponing site “adopted” the village and installed clean drinking water facilities.  While we admire the impetus, did the town really need to be renamed?  (TechCrunch)
  • Women allegedly buy around 62 pounds of clothing a year and own, on average, 20 items they never wear.  Good thing yard sale season is upon us! (Independent)
  • Is Groupon embarrassing to use?  As its enormous IPO approaches, we had to ask.  (It turns out the answer is often “yes”.)  (High Low)

Snapdeal.com — it’s a coupon site and a village in India.