Weekly High Lows: Gisele On Track to Become First Billionaire Model

Gisele at Met Ball 2011


  • Gisele may soon be the world’s first billionaire supermodel.  If it helps close the gap between male and female billionaires, we suppose we’re on board.  (Vogue UK)
  • Tiffany & Co. added editorial content for the first time.  It’s sweetly heavy on the theme of love.  (WWD)
  • Thanks to companies like Brooks Brothers and the aforementioned Tiffany moving more manufacturing stateside, the phrase “made in the U.S.A.” now implies a sense of luxury.  (High Low)

This is the face of a billionaire.


  • Tom Ford revealed that Yves Saint Laurent really, truly did not like him, to the point of writing him some pretty mean letters during his tenure at YSL.  (Elle UK)
  • Men’s shapewear sales are going up.  Just in time for summer?  (NYP)
  • Amazon sold more e-books than print in April.  This isn’t necessarily bad news — we’re just nostalgic for the feel of a brand new hardcover.  (High Low)

Don’t be fooled.  These two were not pals.