Online Shopping Clubs Offering 'Personal' Stylists

Kate Bosworth on JewelMint

Predicated on the idea that “everyone wants a stylist,” (which was noted by celebrity stylist Jessica Paster in the Wall Street Journal), accessories-focused online shopping clubs have embraced the “personal stylist” trend wholeheartedly.  Clubs like JewelMint and the Olsen’s forthcoming StyleMint are mixing celebrity, stylists, and affordable fashion in a way that’s catching on fast.

Rachel Dodes of the WSJ signed up for a few of the sites (which require subscriptions and send customers one item per month, which they can choose to keep or return) to test-drive both the stylists and the product quality:

  • SoleSociety, owned by Hautelook, was the only shoe club to send shoes, which are $49.95.  The site doesn’t employ an actual stylist, but relies on user quizzes and algorithms to function as virtual stylists that determine what you’ll like.
  •, which is helmed by a team of stylists led by Kim Kardashian, was cheaper then SoleSociety ($39.95 per month) but sent a black bag that was made from plastic.
  • Shoes from JustFab, which employs Paster, seemed equally cheap, and the author found them uncomfortable.
  • The bracelet the author received from JewelMint (whose $29.99 monthly goods are designed by Kate Bosworth and her stylist, Cher Coulter) managed to win a few cocktail-party compliments.

With more of the “Mint” sites launching soon and ShoeDazzle expanding to the UK next month, celebrity stylists may keep on becoming household names.  Just as brands are hiring professional editors to create branded content, will they soon be hiring professional stylists to helm online shopping clubs?

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