Online Retailer of the Week: WhereToGet.It

Where To Get It

Where To Get.It is one of those really good ideas that we’re surprised no one thought of earlier.  The site functions like a combination of Shazam (which identifies any song you hear on the radio, in an elevator, in a store, or anywhere else) and fashion magazine columns that help readers source celebrity style.  Where this site takes off, though, is in its reliance on crowdsourcing.

Go to the website to ask what a celebrity’s wearing in a particular photo, or even just post an image of a garment with mysterious origins, and you’ll get answers from fellow users regarding the item’s brand or sales location.  The site’s community is responsive — most queries  get multiple replies — as well as smart and well-informed, offering plenty of potential matches at a range of prices.  Like the fashion advice-crowdsourcing site Fashism, Where To Get It doesn’t necessarily set out to answer all its users’ questions, but rather provides a framework for passionate fashionistas to help each other.

Because it relies on crowdsourcing, Where To Get It is an inherently social, community-based experience.  The site, which is in slightly imperfect English, is very international — members’ countries of origin are posted along with, for instance, the day they joined the site and how often they respond to queries.  Users also post potential matches accompanied by price, and the results seem to be pretty evenly split between dollars, pounds, and euros.

Beyond mere fashion assistance, there’s also a reward factor in the works.  Providing matches lets you accumulate points — though right now there’s no way to redeem them.  At present, the site’s top responders are highlighted on the homepage and broken down on a weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboard.

As a bonus, not every query has to be “What designer is this?’  One user posted a low-backed sweater, stating she already knew the designer (Maje) — she just wanted help tracking down a cheaper version.  She got two responses, both less expensive than the original.  Somebody else asked where to get sunglasses like Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but in England.

The more users it has, the better the system works, of course.  To that end, the site makes it easy to invite your Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail contacts, and encourages signing up through Facebook.  A recent blog post announced that Where To Get It had topped a thousand members; we’ll be interested to see how much they grow in the near future.

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Where To Get.It

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