New Daily Deals Site Focuses on Small Businesses


Yeah yeah, we know, another day, another deals site launches.  But while individual consumers are being potentially targeted to the point of exhaustion by Groupon, LivingSocial, and dozens of others, new sites like GroupPrice are offering the same deals model with a fresh take, going after small businesses rather than individuals.

Public relations – a service with inherent value, no?

What GroupPrice aims to do is sell necessary products and services to smaller businesses (up to about 25 employees) with some kind of web presence.  Discounted SEO, business-card printing, credit reports — these are all services that enterprises actually need.  That aspect gives GroupPrice inherent potential for growth and sustainability compared to the typical salon/restaurant/concert deal sites.  While individual shoppers pay for discounts on knitting lessons and upscale restaurant reservations as a matter of choice, both fledgling and established businesses need services like cost analysis reporting, web design, or HR manuals (and all of which were offered by GroupPrice last week).

What might also give GroupPrice a leg up is the awareness of its founder, Van Jepson, of what’s currently developing with deals sites.  GigaOm actually quoted Jepson noting that he’s “aiming for zero deal fatigue.”  Beyond offering products that are a matter of need, not want, that particular mindfulness could help propel GroupPrice to the front of a new kind of pack.