Modeling Agency Launches App to See If You're a Model

Model Potential

Guaranteed to make teenage girls everywhere cry: the agency Select Models has launched an app, Model Potential, that lets would-be models upload pictures of themselves, and their measurements, to see if they’ve got what it takes for the runway.

“Using complex algorithms and mathematics the app will analyze your image and let you know if you have the potential to become a model.”

The app is more than just a judgment tool — it lets modeling hopefuls send their picture to Select’s scouts — definitely a nice tool for coltish, pretty girls who don’t live near major cities.  We can’t help but look forward to reading about the first app-discovered runway star.  For everyone else, it’s a weirdly fun way to confirm they’d better not quit their day job.

5 Responses to “Modeling Agency Launches App to See If You're a Model”

  1. katie snicket

    Agh! I love this app! I got a good ratio! whoop whopppp !! I’m gonna be a supermodel!!

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