'Made in America' Has a New Luxury Image

Brooks Brothers made in the USA

The ‘Made-in-America’ label has traditionally had blue-collar associations — it’s been touted by companies like Levi’s and Chrysler, usually to market denim and trucks.

But now, a series of luxury brands are pushing their “Made in the U.S.” manufacturing practices as a selling point. Brands like Brooks Brothers and the Olsen’s most expensive line, the Row, are advertising their U.S. manufacturing, and even Tiffany & Co. is moving more production back home.  Here are some more stats to back up the new “Luxury Made in the USA” trend:

  • Research from American Express Publishing and the Harrison Group indicates that more than 3/4 of affluent consumers claim they favor brands made in America.
  • Of the same demographic, 65% responded that they try to buy American-made goods when possible.
  • In April, 1,300 affluent shoppers ranked the U.S. highest on its luxury goods manufacturing — beating out France and Italy.

Andrew Sacks, head of luxury ad firm Agency Sacks, cited rising Chinese labor costs, the still-weak dollar, and slow U.S. economic growth as reasons for the continuing rise of American luxury manufacturing.  Sacks also believes affluent Americans are looking to buy domestically-made goods as a way to help out at home.  While that last point is mere speculation — no market research was cited to back up the claim — it’s an encouraging fact that U.S. manufacturing is picking up speed, with help from consumers.

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