Just Launched: Two New Ways to Validate Your Shopaholism


Social shopping has been a buzzed-about trend for a few years now, but it remains to be seen whether people actually want to share their everyday purchases online. Last year, services that tied your credit card to your social networks — like Blippy and Swipely — launched with great fanfare and then failed to hold anyone’s interest. But the new generation of social shopping apps and sites are less intrusive, offering users positive environments where they can discuss and recommend products and purchases. And two of the newest contenders are Want.it and OMG I just bought…

Want.it, developed by former Jupiter Research exec Gene DeRose and currently in invite-only Beta, is an app that lets you take photos of things you, well, want and upload them to your Twitter, Facebook, foursquare and/or Tumblr accounts. Each item is geo-tagged, so you can sort by neighborhood or by type of item. You can follow other users, categories and neighborhoods. “We love Instagram, but this is a little more focused and determined way of posting something,” says DeRose.

OMG I just bought…, or “the place to confess your most recent purchases, whether they be wins or sins,” also debuted recently. Catering to aspiring Rebecca Bloomwoods everywhere, the site is a Tumblr-ized version of a haul video, a place where you can broadcast the results of your latest mall trip or online spree. Participation is easy: Simply upload the details of your new acquisition to the site, and they will show up in the feed. The OMG staff offers weekly prizes for contributing.

Is public validation and the opportunity to win giveaways enough motivation for you to want to publish your purchases online? Or do you think that sharing all the details of your life, from the shirt you just bought to the meal you just ate, is a passing fad?

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