Build Your Own E-Commerce Site With Goodsie


It’s cheap and it’s easy — Goodsie, the e-commerce hosting platform founded this year, lets would-be retailers set up shop on the web all by themselves. Think of it as the of e-commerce — no web knowledge or experience required.

Like Blogger or WordPress, Goodsie offers the customizable layouts, templates, and all the tools for creating a new site under a unique domain name — but with the additional function of integrating a payment system. Retailers can opt to use either Google Checkout or PayPal for sales.

As Etsy’s thousands of sellers have already proven, providing an accessible layout for people to sell goods online is a key entry point to get people to, well, sell things online.  What makes Goodsie unique is that it enables its users to set up completely independent web sites.  Oh, and what also makes it special is that it’s dirt-cheap; the service is free the first month and just $15 per month after that.

Goodsie’s been getting the attention it deserves — Business Insider included Goodsie on their list of 25 New York start-ups to watch, and Time Inc. gave the site props on their even shorter list of 10 noteworthy start-ups.  Jonathan Marcus, Goodsie’s founder, has also received funding from investors like Barnes & Noble’s president of ecommerce, John Foley, and Jake Lodwick, who founded Vimeo.  From the ease of use to the high-end backing, it kind of makes you want to set up shop online, doesn’t it?