YSL's Designer Cigarettes: Clever or Disturbing?

ysl cigarette

Courtesy of complex.com

Plenty of luxury brands have lent their cache to daily items, from baby products  to playing cards. If consumers want to extend their high-end lifestyle to every aspect of their lives — and if they can afford it — then why not?

But what happens when one of these products is cigarettes?

YSL’s designer cigs have been making the blog rounds and the luxe image is certainly causing waves. From the sleek gold packaging to the thin naked model, these cigarette ads would not be out of place in a Vogue spread — save for the plume of smoke of course.

ysl cigarette

Courtesy of complex.com

No surprise, the designer cigs will be sold only in Russia and Asia, and aren’t available in the U.S. (where laws and social trends reflect our culture’s growing anti-tobacco sentiment).

As Refinery29 notes, there’s something disturbing about exploiting the international market for addiction to score a profit. YSL is certainly not alone in doing so: Givenchy, Versace, Pierre Cardin, Christian Lacroix and Cartier have been rumored to license their names for tobacco products.  Still, these are cigarettes — most everyone knows they are a product that directly damages your health. Does that jibe with the idea of a brand promising a luxe and beautiful life?

Would you ever buy designer cigarettes? Does seeing this image of YSL cheapen the brand for you?

2 Responses to “YSL's Designer Cigarettes: Clever or Disturbing?”

  1. ecig

    Not clever and somewhat disturbing. I would have expected something like this in the 50′s where I am sure it would have been highly successful. My daughter would no doubt be influenced by the glossy cool of this ad and so I hope she never gets to see it.


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