Weekly High Lows: More Editors Make the Jump to E-Commerce

Ruth Reichl at Gilt Taste


  • Barneys Creative Ambassador-at-Large Simon Doonan dropped by FIT’s commencement ceremony to offer grads some useful, pithy advice.  (Elle UK)
  • E-commerce is doing a great job attracting A-list editorial talent, thereby coming  up with some pretty great content.  (WWD)
  • Foursquare is proving to be more than just a way to find the bar where your friends are — it’s providing significant returns and useful data for merchants.  (High Low)

Ruth Reichl is one of a slew of former editors who made the jump to e-commerce.  Photo courtesy of The New York Times.


  • Despite the tablet’s runaway popularity, magazine sales on the iPad are proving to be sluggish so far.  Hopes lie with recent subscription deals with Apple.  (BoF)
  • Midriffs are popping up all over the place, as abdomen-baring style seems to be back in full force.  Just in time for summer!  (Telegraph)
  • E-books might be on their way to becoming the next Napster — apparently one in three is downloaded illegally.  (High Low)

It’s the look again.  A model poses backstage at Versace.