Weekly High Lows: Facebook Wants Users to Tag Brands As Well As Friends

Facebook brand tagging


  • Smartphone sales are up 85% over last year.  We expect this will pave the way for myriad new apps, QR code uses, and technology as-yet-unimagined. (Mashable)
  • Target is planning on adding more designer beauty to its product line-up.  The more affordable health and beauty products, the better.  (WWD)
  • New site NewlyMaid.com will lets bridesmaids donate or re-sell those pesky dresses they’ll only ever wear once.  Finally, a good source for unloading yards of chiffon and polyester.  (High Low)

Which would you tag — the cat, the Zappos box, or none of the above?


  • The Obama 2012 campaign started selling “Made in the USA” themed t-shirts and mugs.  It’s a clever response, but the fact that they’re compelled to do this by the ‘birthers’ is still terrible.  (Mashable)
  • J.P. Morgan just began offering a no-limit credit card for the super-rich that’s made from palladium (a metal that resembles platinum) and twenty-three karats worth of gold.  We gather the wealthy are spending again.  (Luxuo)
  • Facebook added a function for tagging brands in photos.  Brands themselves are, of course, encouraging their fans to use this new feature, but will users actually do it?  (High Low)

The physical credit card itself from J.P. Morgan is valued at $1000.