Weekly High Lows: Carine Roitfeld Partners With V Magazine

Demi Moore on Fashism


  • Carine Roitfeld will be styling a fall issue of V magazine.  We’ll take all the stateside Carine we can.  (StyleCaster)
  • Hearst took the plunge and partnered with Apple to make its magazine subscriptions widely available for the iPad.  (FI)
  • Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher put their own outfits up for crowdsourced approval on the style site Fashism.  (High Low)

Love it or hate it, it was so nice of Demi to ask.


  • In the wake of lagging sales, Gap fired its creative director of four years, Patrick Robinson.  (Vogue UK)
  • The train wreck continues: John Galliano fired his lawyer and is also suing him.  (NYP)
  • The race to knock off Kate Middleton’s wedding dress (and her earrings, her engagement ring, and her guests’ wacky hats) is officially on, with various retailers already working on getting their versions in stores.  (High Low)

Nope, that’s not McQueen, it’s ABS.