The Growing World of Wine Flash Sales


Luxury clothes, luxury vacations — when it comes to flash sales, why not use them for wine as well?  The site Lot18 does just that — and it’s about to do more, having just raised another $10 million in Series B funding.

After launching last November, the company now boasts about 200,000 members, who receive limited-time access to pre-screened producers selling off small batches of wine.

Now that they’ve got some cash, Lot18 is looking to expand to international wines — right now, most of their sales are domestic vintners.  And like Gilt Groupe before them, their sales will be expanding beyond just bottles — they plan to start offering wine-related goods like glassware, as well as experience sales along the lines of tickets to wine tastings and trips to wine-focused destinations like Napa.

We’ll keep an eye on how Lot18′s products and services do in an already busy flash sale market — though when it comes down to it, the wines themselves have the strongest marketing legs.  Selling high end wine through limited-time sales makes sense: it actually has more of a precedent than, say, marketing shoes or hotel stays this way.  After all, expensive wines have been sold at auction, albeit, physical ones, for years (not to mention the popularity of alternative selling methods, like wine clubs).

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  1. David Dunn

    Of all the players in the wine flash deals space, I find Lot18 to be the most compelling for a number of reasons. From a marketing perspective, they really maintain or even enhance the value of the wine brands they offer. From an oenophile’s perspective, they offer small production and single vineyard wines that are hard to find (especially at a discount). From a consumers perspective, their prices are pretty much the best around.

    What really makes them a no-brainer is the fact that they offer coupons on sites like LivingSocial pretty frequently. Imaging stacking a Groupon-type discount on top of prices are are already the lowest on the internet.

    The site is considered invitation-only, but the following link can be used to access their current offers immediately:

  2. Edward

    Also check out WineGavel Flash ( – a new entrant to the flash wine market. Its seems simple, just one good ‘collectors’ wine a week.

    Could be a good addition.

  3. Al Loftis

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