Sears Launches Its Own 'Project Runway'


The popularity of branded content has exploded over the past few years, as companies realize the value of promoting their products and corporate ethos via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. Sears is now taking branded content one step further, with the production of a reality TV show designed to market their newly overhauled Kenmore appliance line.

The show, which premiered March 24th and is titled “So You Wanna Be A Designer,” streams live on Kenmore’s Facebook page every Thursday night at 6:45 CST.

The show seems similar to “Project Runway” in concept: Six up-and-coming designers battle it out for a prize of $20,000 and a Kenmore washer and dryer. A spokesperson for Sears told Forbes that, “the goal of this series is to communicate the Kenmore brand as the fresh contemporary brand that it is.”

It’s an interesting strategy for raising brand awareness. While a fashion-focused reality TV show seems like the type of concept that would appeal to the demographic Sears is trying to reach, it’s hard to spread live-streamed content — short videos on YouTube would be much easier to embed in blogs, Tweet, and otherwise share online.

Overall, we haven’t heard much buzz about this, positive or negative. Have you watched the show? What do you think of this idea?