Online Business of the Week: JewelMint


If you like accessories, automatic monthly deliveries, and celebrity-blessed designs, you’re in luck — JewelMint combines all three in an online shopping club.  The site features costume jewelry created by Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter, none of which are available for regular purchase.  Instead, new items are hand-selected for customers on a monthly basis.

As an overall e-commerce trend, this concept is gaining serious traction — JewelMint is just at the forefront of the movement.

Think of it as a BMG music club for fashion — the site works to get a sense of your personal style by giving you a ten-question quiz, choosing various celebrity looks, and suggesting designers.  Then, for a monthly fee of $29.99, JewelMint will create a personalized selection of jewelry in an online “Showroom,” and you can choose to keep or exchange one item within five days.  If nothing suits your fancy, you can opt to skip the month and won’t be charged the usual fee.  (And of course, if you want to purchase more than one item, you can do so for another $29.99 charge.)

In terms of style, the costume jewelry tends toward the distinctive and the bohemian.  Jewelmint manufactures it in limited quantities, so items to tend to sell out — and the site does not re-issue them (creating scarcity, not unlike their flash sale brethren). The site also provides weekly style tips and keeps their image in line with the Jewelmint blog, which features candid shots from photo shoots and images of celebrities wearing JewelMint designs. And of course, they’ve also participated in the occasional Groupon group-buying deal.

There’s even a charity angle: Bosworth and Coulter partner with other celebrities to offer  jewelry with proceeds going to the celeb’s designated charity.  At the moment, they’re featuring a pair of earrings donned by the actress Rachel Bilson; half the proceeds from this piece will be given to Invisible Children.

JewelMint is the initial member of a “Mint” grouping, from a parent company called BeachMint, which focuses on delivering personalized shopping experiences.  To that end, BeachMint is launching an Olsen twin-designed t-shirt club, StyleMint, next.  What we wonder — does that make JewelMint just the start of a raft of Mint-branded, celebrity-helmed merch-of-the-month clubs?

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