Lancôme Lets You 'Try Out' Makeup On Your Laptop


Over the past few months, big beauty companies have been trotting out all sorts of new social games and tools to try to engage their fans. Nars just launched a microsite that lets users upload photos of their own makeovers, M.A.C. recently added a “chat with friends” function to its e-boutique, and now Lancôme has debuted its own Facebook app.

Created to highlight the brand’s new line of eyeshadow, Lancôme’s “House of Color” app features a virtual tool named the ‘Magic Mirror’ that lets you try out different makeup shades, virtually. You upload a photo, or use one from one of your Facebook albums — or just try looks on a model’s photo. “We’ve seen similar tools before, but Lancôme’s is exceptional because it actually works,” blogged Mashable’s Lauren Indvik.

Apps or websites that make it easy to virtually “try on” a piece of clothing, hairstyle, or type of makeup are proving to be very popular. Case in point: InStyle magazine’s Hollywood Makeover hairstyling tool–one of the most clicked-upon features on their website–was just released last week as a standalone app.

The Lancôme app is definitely fun to try, and of course you can share your finished look with your friends via Twitter, email and Facebook. Cleverly, you have to let the app sync with your Facebook profile and “Like” it to use it–ensuring that you’ll receive updates from Lancôme long after you’ve test-driven their purple eye shadow.

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