J. Crew Debuts Awesome New Interactive Ad

J. Crew interactive ad

J. Crew debuted a sweet new online ad to promote their ballet flats — and while the shoes are nice, what really caught our eye (and our ears), was the ad.  It has movement — the standard online ad sidebar sports the J. Crew logo on a box, which spins to reveal a model wearing the flats while a concurrent banner shows a hand moving over a vintage turntable.  And then…nothing.  You may notice the speaker symbol in the banner portion — there’s music, but the ad waits for you to turn it on.  This is great for three reasons:

  • Anyone who has ever used the internet before has experienced the “unwanted sound” effect, which usually results in lunging for the keyboard  mute button. How considerate of J. Crew to spare us this embarrassment!
  • It’s like you’re interacting with the model!  She put the needle on the record, you hit the on switch.  Or, in some cases, you see her bobbing her head and tapping her foot to music you can’t hear.  Now you have to turn it on.
  • At this point, you’ve likely clicked on the ad — meaning J. Crew got your attention.  What’s still nicer, though, is that users will have to click once more to be directed to the J. Crew website.

The one downside: once the music’s turned on, there’s no way to turn back off.  (Though it’s perfectly pleasant twee rock, with a new song each week for three weeks, so presumably those clicking are interested in it in the first place.)

Still, we’re impressed with the unique approach and creativity.  Hopefully other retailers follow suit with equally creative campaigns.