The Worst Viral Ad You've Ever Seen?

Mashable calls Nestle’s newest video campaign “zany” and “slightly lewd.” We’ll just go with “huh?”

In an effort to promote its new Lean Pockets Pretzel Bread Sandwich, the company created Heidi, a blonde and perky pigtailed Bavarian, to be their new spokeswoman in six 30-second web shorts.

All begin and end with the same premise: Heidi heating up her pretzel bread sandwich and daydreaming about a wide array of topics (arm wrestling, removing lint, playing “milk pong” which leaves her with a questionable white-splashed face). The only hint we get about the relationship between this strange German leitmotif and the lean pocket brand is in the music video short in which she sings, “In the hills of Bavaria where the pretzel came from…”

As a consumer, little about these commercials leaves us with a more positive view of the brand — or, more importantly, a craving for lean pockets. At best, it takes up brain space just to sort out the confusion of what this idea has to do with the brand in the first place — if Mashable hadn’t pointed out that these were advertising Lean Pocket, we would never have known. Then again, the mere “huh?” factor of these videos may just be what sends them viral.

What do you think? Is this an effective means of online advertising?

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