Groupon May Partner With Foursquare to Target Local Deals

Groupon and Foursquare logos

Forget the generic emails for Groupon deals on restaurants you may not like and Botox injections you don’t need — the daily deals behemoth is allegedly in talks with Foursquare to create more targeted offers.

Given that Groupon just launched Groupon Now, a mobile deals app, this new partnership makes a lot of sense.   Working with Foursquare means Groupon wouldn’t have to chase down customers’ information in order to personalize what they’re marketing.  Rather, based simply on customers’ own Foursquare check-ins, they’d be able to send curated, relevant offers.  The deals would be both timelier and more convenient (location-wise) for their audience — giving this partnership, if it happens, a lot of potential for success.

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