Coca-Cola Selling Clothes Made of Recycled Bottles

Coca-Cola recycled t-shirt

The t-shirt is plastic.

Lesson one in keeping trash out of a landfill while simultaneously making a profit: Turn your garbage into t-shirts.  One example: Coca-Cola, which is encouraging people to return used bottles at pop-up shops across Israel so they can be turned into  shirts, bags, and  accessories (which of course are for sale at the shops).  Yes, you’re allowed to shop there even if you don’t bring in any old bottles — but those who do bring recyclables get a discount on the merchandise.

For those outside Israel, the soda-branded line is available online — on a designated Facebook page.

The one chink in this enviro-system: though we’re not experts on turning bottles into a wearable fiber, we do know it’s a lengthy and hardly carbon-free process.

Still, we’ll give Coca-Cola points for originality — they’re encouraging recycling, while marketing (and merchandising) in the process.