Amazon Launches Its Own Flash Sale Site

Amazon Myhabit

The Daily Deals market is attracting all the major players — but that’s no reason to think its predecessor, the flash sale, has fallen by the wayside.  This week, Amazon launched Myhabit, an upscale flash sale site to rival Gilt Groupe, Hautelook, and the many others crowding the market.

So far, Amazon’s contribution looks pretty standard — sales of high-end women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories last seventy-two hours, and the site is members-only (though it’s free to join by requesting an invitation).  One slight difference is that shoppers can log on with their pre-existing Amazon registration, which millions of people already have.

More notable than the set-up itself is what a departure it is is from Amazon’s typical sales model.  Myhabit presents a fairly minimalist, slick look that’s actually quite easy to use.  Its simplicity might be its selling point –  it could be the hook for Amazon shoppers who haven’t yet converted to the world of flash sales.

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