Would You Buy A $1 Million Ring From Costco?

costco million dollar engagement ring

Is it just us or did the life of a man preparing to propose get a whole lot easier thanks to modern retail trends?

First, there was the mobile app that lets you buy diamonds right from your smartphone. Now comes news that Costco is selling a $1 million engagement ring. That’s right: you could pick up one of the world’s most perfect stones while stocking up on your industrial-sized Clorox Wipes.

costco million dollar engagement ring

This isn’t the wholesale giant’s first foray into the lucrative wedding market — they’ve sold diamond rings for years and just introduced a line of bridal gowns by Kirstie Kelly last month.

Still, while many women want to score a great deal on a dress (and thanks to a plethora of new e-commerce sites, the options for doing so are practically limitless), we’re not sure they’d want to know their betrothed bought an engagement ring somewhere between the value packs of toilet paper and plasma TVs. As proven by the staying power of luxury even during the recession, there’s something to be said for the brand-name power of Tiffany’s. (And let’s not pretend that women won’t ask where the ring is from).

In all fairness to Costco, their deal on the behemoth rock looks nigh unbeatable (as usual). The 6.77 carat diamond — with an excellent cut and internally flawless clarity — is worth $1.6 million, according to the International Gemological Institute.

And they sure as hell know how to drive a sale: only one of the giant rings is available. Plus the return policy allows for a full refund. Just in case, well, something goes wrong.

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