Weekly High Lows: Carbon-Neutral Underwear, Personalized Fendi Bags

Fendi 2B challenge


  • British chain Marks & Spencer launched the world’s first-ever carbon neutral underthings.  (Ecouterre)
  • Hermès now offers silk scarf customization, so your ascot never has to look like anyone else’s.  (Harper’s Bazaar)
  • Speaking of customization, Bergdorf Goodman and Fendi have teamed up for one of the best Facebook giveaways we’ve heard of — submit a color combination for a new Fendi 2Bag, and if yours gets the most votes, you win the bag.  (High Low)

Don’t like any of these color combinations here?  Then design your own!


  • An Italian research firm tried to claim that skinny models are a good incentive for people to lose weight.  We don’t even know where to begin with the problems here.  (The Cut)
  • The Immersive Labs startup aims to launch billboards that change according to the target audience looking at them.  Minority Report — it’s coming!  (Mashable)
  • Market research firm EmSense released two versions of the EmBand, a brainwave-sensing headband.  It’s intended to be worn by volunteers in order to measure their neuro-activity in reaction to things like shopping and watching TV.  Welcome to the future?  (High Low)

You’d put one of these on your head for the sake of research, right?