Using Social Media to Never Miss Another Concert

ticketfly mobile

Ever had that moment where you wanted to buy concert tickets before they sold out, but you waited that crucial minute to find out if your friends could go?  Well, Ticketfly, which powers the ticket sales platforms for venues and festivals like the Knitting Factory and Austin City Limits, has set out to create technology that prevents this problem — and they’ve received $12 million in Series B funding to do so.

At the moment, the site offers  Facebook and Twitter plug-ins that you can integrate with ticketing websites and artist information.  So, if you just used Ticketfly to purchase Lady Gaga tickets, you can post that fact right to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Meanwhile, for client venues and festivals, the site supports both Web hosting and customized iPhone apps.  It also gives musicians a way to share their promotional materials — Ticketfly’s artist database is now up to about 70,000-entries.

The site is fairly old in internet years (they first started selling tickets in 1995).  With the recent influx of capital,  however, we’re interested to see how their all-inclusive social ticketing strategy could become a key player in terms of social media.